Credit Repair

Building Your Path

Call now for free expert advice: +91 95350 61366Whether your credit only needs a quick fix, or a total rebuild, we can help you. Once your destination has been defined, we will develop a unique strategy to repair your past, restore your present, and rebuild your future.

Call now for free expert advice: +91 95350 61366

Industry leaders in credit repair

  • Repair Your Past
  • Rebuild Your Present
  • Restore Your Future

We then educate our customers on everything from the basics of managing their credit properly to maximizing what resources remain. At this point in the journey, we polish your credit report to a pristine slate and tighten every nut and bolt along to the way.

A custom restoration plan will help you prioritize payments and keep your accounts in a positive status.

Avoiding newly negative account information will help you make the most of your journey.

Our Process

These are the steps that will help guide you through the process of credit restoration.
Credit Report Evaluation
Your credit consultant will look at your TransUnion, Experian and Equifax credit reports and go over them with you line by line. If you don’t have your current reports we can pull them instantly for you.
Customized Credit Repair Plan
Once you decide to proceed with our program, Our experts will coordinate with various financial institutions on the errors on your credit report and facilitate the entire process of fixing errors on your credit report. Apart from fixing the errors our expert team will guide you on how to improve your credit score to a considerable number to start availing loans.
Detailed Cibil Report Analyze
This knowledge base is aimed at addressing frequently asked questions on how Millennium Credit Solutions can help you address your concerns and specific issues relating to you CIBIL report and score, CIBIL reports give you an overview of the services we offer and what it takes to become and credit worthy.
Debt Restructing and Settlement
We at Millennium Credit Solutions provide basic credit counseling session, which is offered online, via phone, or in person. We will review your total financial situation and discuss your credit report, income and expenses, and debt score with you. We will take inventory of your outstanding debts and creditors, and we explain how a DMP may work for your specific situation, including how your interest rates and monthly payments may change on the program.
Your Journey Starts
We will send our first round of investigations to the credit bureaus and the Financial Institutions. Expect a response from them in the mail within 5-7 Working days.
Review and Fixing the Errors
Our review team will initiate the process of fixing the errors in your credit report if any and or put a detailed road map on how to resolve the issues on your credit report and increase your score.
Double-Check Everything
By this point, you should have received and forwarded mail from Us for all your Neagtive accounts. If not, let us know.
View Your Progress
View updates and improvements. Let us know if you aren’t seeing any changes in your CIBIL report.
Enjoy Your Final Review
In the final leg of your journey, we compare before and after results. We will also assist you in the home or auto loan approval process by referring to our affiliates.